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Patch has established itself as a trusted advisor to Government, and has partnered with Sydney Metro, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, the Office of Strategic Lands, and local government since being formed in 2021.

Sectors we Specialise in

Education and Health

Education and health are critical to improving livelihoods in communities and lifting living standards.

Energy and Renewables

Supporting and helping to build the foundation of a renewable energy ecosystem in Australia.

Industrial Development

The economy of New South Wales benefits greatly from its mix of diversified industries.

Boarding Houses and Student Accommodation

Purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) provides our young people with the high-quality homes they need to study, relax and enjoy their student years.

Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning

A clear and compelling vision for the future structure of a city or region.

Plan making

Setting out plans for managing and guiding growth and change in a local government area.

Retail and Office Development

Development of office, retail and commercial provides places of employment and assists in strengthening a local economy. 

Residential Development

Management and application of residential planning requirements for a local area or region.

Mixed Use Development

Blending multiple uses, such as residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment, into one space.

Telco and Data Centres

Dedicated buildings and spaces to house data, computer and telecommunications systems.

Tourism and Leisure

Planning for recreation and tourism at the local level.

Civic Buildings and Government Developments

The network of spaces or buildings that provide essential services to a city or town.